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Commercial Disinfection

Long Island, Ny Disinfecting
Germ Shield Pro’s service delivers a real solution to this ongoing problem.  We offer an EPA approved Antimicrobial treatment which provides an exceptional (3) months of non-stop continuous protection from germs, bacteria, mold and mildew for surface Cross-Contamination 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Disinfectant Spray and Your Restaurant

When you use disinfectant spray in your restaurant there are several aspects you can consider that will make fully sure your customer which you conform to and worry about hygiene standards.

This product

The merchandise you select should be a product that is effective had passed the disinfection standards. An aspect that is important of product you need to consider could be the scent associated with spray you utilize. Even though smelling chemicals will reassure your customers it will be a serious put off for others that you are taking care of the hygiene of your restaurant. A big part of the eating experience could be the smell of this food, if the wonderful airomas are spoiled utilizing the smell of chemicals you could just ruin your customer's meal. There are spray that is disinfectant have fragrances like lavender, rose as well as other flowers, but remember that certain scents can cause allergies and cold like symptoms in your visitors. Many people just have significantly more noses that are sensitive others. Choosing the best product for the restaurant should include the possibility of an odourless disinfectant.

Another aspect you'll want to give attention to is the tabletops, some active ingredients in disinfectants can damage the shiny lacquer on the tables and chairs. There are disinfectant spray products available that are especially built to protect your furniture while killing all the nasties.

Cleaning Tips

1) After your staff cleared a vacant table, they have to clean it properly with a disinfectant. Cleaning the table includes disinfecting the menus, condiment jars and pepper and salt sets. And even though that is labour that is extra an incredible number of germs could have been transported to these objects too. A customer viewing a cleaning that is thorough ensured to come back to your restaurant.

2) When the clients arrive at the table, the waiting personnel can clean the table again with a disinfectant spray. This could sound like overkill, but a cleaning that is second eradicate the germs your first cleaning missed or semi-killed. It is a functioned that is double, by cleaning the table why your client is watching you are going to ensure their peace of mind that their dining experience is going to be germ free.

3) you need to disinfect the chairs, legs and bottoms of the tables and the floors before you close for the night. Even though most bacteria and viruses enter your facility in the hands of your customers, some can be carried in on their shoes too. And you have no idea where that hands have been. A beneficial practice will be checking your restaurant with a UV light, these lights reacts to proteins and you will certainly be in a position to see any food spots that have been missed.


Proper cleaning of the restaurant shall make fully sure your patrons that your particular space is germ free and safe to eat at. The employment of disinfectant spray is a valuable tool to make sure your customers peace of mind regarding the cleanliness and care your company show towards hygiene.

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Tips in Hiring an Office Cleaning Service Provider

A dirty office or workplace can be extremely undesirable. No one really wants to work in an place that is untidy. Companies should be aware of when to hire office cleaning professionals to maintain conducive working environment with fresh and satisfying appearance daily. You have to engage in a deal with a company that offers your needs if you own a business. The service provider must match the company preferences with various factors such as for instance size, schedule and price.


New York Disinfecting

Gyms, Exercise Facilities, Sports & Spas are places that are constantly contaminated with viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold and related odors.  Despite the best efforts & intentions by management to keep their facility safe by cleaning & providing disinfectant wipes during the day, its simply not enough.

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House Disinfecting

Our Advanced Antimicrobial Treatment coating once Professionally Electro.-Sprayed, prevents microorganism growth for up to (90) Days & continuous Non-Stop Protection for 24 hours, 7 Days a week!!!

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Commercial Disinfection

Germ Shield Professional’s quarterly antimicrobial treatment combats surface cross-contamination. Our services will protect your guests and staff, as well as lower your staff’s sick days and the costs that are associated with them.  Protect your reputation, image and bottom line by keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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Business & Office - GERM SHIELD PRO

We dedicate countless hours at our offices and businesses, sharing the same space with coworkers, clients and customers day after day. Unfortunately, were also sharing bacteria, germs and mold that are hidden from our plain sight. Once one person becomes sick or just touches a harmful pathogen, that person can quickly spread their germs with the very next surface they touch.

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